Where to See the Aurora Borealis

Where to See the Aurora Borealis

Author: MozaicNook

Different people have different reasons for wanting to see the northern lights; natural beauty, scientific intrigue, cultural significance and personal experiences are among these reasons. Aurora Borealis is a stunning display of colored light bands dancing beautifully in the night’s sky which could be green, red, purple or blue. This sight is usually so mesmerizing that one can never forget.

Aurora occurs when solar wind interacts with earth’s magnetic field. This natural phenomenon has attracted many scientists and astronomy enthusiasts who want to study space and atmospheric phenomena. Various myths and legends about this phenomenon increase its importance as well as attractiveness. For instance, ancient Scandinavians believed that the Northern Lights were reflections of Valkyries’ shields.

Sometimes hunting for auroras means traveling to cold remote areas which are naturally beautiful itself can be an adventure. A lot of people enjoy planning such trips and going on them personally too. The Aurora Borealis is popular among amateur and professional photographers because it is visually appealing and difficult to capture.

For many people who live far from polar regions seeing the Aurora Borealis is one-off experience that will forever remain rare to them. Moreover, this uniqueness creates an urge to see it even more.

What are the Best Places to See Northern Lights?



This city located in the Arctic Circle is also known as “the Gateway to Arctic” through which visitors can take several Aurora related tours.

Lofoten Islands

The place has amazing surroundings with less lighting hence being ideal for viewing northern lights therein.



In Reykjavik where there’s a low amount of light pollution you’ll find easy access to some places like this one.

Thingvellir National Park

This national park is famous for its natural beauty and distance from city lights making it good place for observing Northern Lights from here.



There is an Aurora Sky Station at this national park that is a best place for Northern Lights viewing.


This city in the faraway north of Sweden has much to offer for aurora hunting.



Being a capital of Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi is popular with people who want to observe the Northern Lights and visit Santa Claus.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

This spot provides glass igloos from where one can watch the Northern Lights from his/her own comfort zone.



The Northwest Territories’ capital, Yellowknife is among the top destinations in North America to see Aurora Borealis.

Churchill, Manitoba

Aside from polar bears, you can take advantage of good conditions here to view auroras.

Alaska, USA


Fairbanks, Alaska has excellent aurora viewings and places like tours and unique accommodation are readily available here.

Denali National Park

Northern light sightings are some of things that happen while one is enjoying breathtaking sceneries in Denali National Park.

Each location has strengths but a common feature includes clear skies, low light pollution levels as well as suitable geographical latitudes. The best time to see the Auroras would be between September and April when it’s night longer and darker.